Anti-corrosion product.

METAL DEC is a liquid polymer-based compound, containing corrosion inhibitors, that has been developped to protect metal building structures from corrosion. It can be applied to both new constructions and renovations. Mixed with plaster or cement, it forms a thin, viscous mortar that adheres extremely well to white or painted metal structures used in construction.

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  1. Mix METAL DEC in a ratio of 1 part product with 2 to 3 parts of plaster or cement, until a viscous substance is attained. Never add water!
  2. Apply the mixture in a 3 mm layer onto the metal structure, to allow the application of any fiber glass reinforcements.
  3. Let the applied layer dry and harden completely before moving on to the finishing layer.
  4. Make sure the bottom layers don’t get damaged while applying the finishing layer.

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