Bonding for low suction surfaces

Spray-on adhesive product for bonding to surfaces with low or no suction. It is a ready-to-use adhesive product that gives an optimal bond with stucco, and can be applied to smooth, dense, and low or no suction concrete and other rock-like surfaces. The surface stays vapour permeable, and is equally suited to interior and exterior use. It is not suitable for bonding cement or mortars. Then use PRO-FIX.


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  1. Apply undiluted, preferably by spraying equipment under low pressure or by brush and roll.
  2. For most purposes, 1 application should suffice. Only with extremely high-suction surfaces it could be necessary to apply a second time. This should be done while the first layer is still moist.
  3. After a complete drying of SUPER GRIP, a glaze can be perceived on the treated surface. At this time, the plaster can be applied.
  4. Make sure dust and other pollutions are prevented before resuming with plastering.
  5. Any tools should be cleansed with water immediately after application. Any spillages can also be removed with water.

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