Treatment of fireplace soot

PRO-MIX S is a dispersion product that is especially well suited for treating fireplace soot before applying gypsum-based plaster or cement mortars.

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Manual PRO-MIX S

  1. Brush off any loose soot particles.
  2. Cover up the entire surface area to be treated with a layer of cement, or possibly plaster. In the case of a heater working on oil fuel, we strongly recommend cement to do this.
  3. After drying of this covering layer, apply PRO-MIX S undiluted across the entire surface area and let it dry.
  4. After this, apply a second layer of PRO-MIX S in a cross form and let it dry completely. It is extremely important that the drying of these 2 layers be done right. If not, it is possible for a yellowish glare to be perceived on top of the finishing plaster layer. After correctly drying, the surface should be slightly glistening. If not, it is necessary to repeat the application.
  5. Before the plaster can be applied, apply another mixture, half water, half product, and let it react until this layer feels sticky. Do not allow this third layer to dry, instead immediately apply the plaster.

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