PRO-WALL is a color- and odorless, suction-reducting primer which penetrates excellently into all materials, without modifying their properties and vapor permeability. PRO-WALL can be used for bricks such as Thermoblocks, Poroton, Poro+, concrete blocks, Stalton beams,… PRO-WALL increases the adhesiveness of plaster to the substrate beining treated, and remains workable for an unlimited period after application. PRO-WALL does not form a film when sprayed, and does not clog up the spray head. To be used inside



  1. Water down PRO-WALL to a ratio of 1 part product to 9 parts water.
  2. Apply PRO-WALL preferably with spraying equipment or by brush and roll.
  3. Work in an upward fashion, using horizontal back and forth movements until saturation of the surface is attained. This happens when you can see the product dripping down.
  4. After drying the plaster can be applied.

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